Tuesday, November 3, 2009

I was featured at The TomKat Studio!

This is one of those moments where I go to the middle of the living room and start jumping up and down like crazy!!! Kim, from The TomKat Studio, who has been a great source of inspiration for me, made a mention of my Cupcake Birthday Invitations and my Treat box and Cupcake Toppers on her blog.  View the wonderful post here and while you are there visit her etsy shop, she has the cutest party things. This post has gotten me a lot of new blog friends and sweet comments! Thank you Kim!

This has given me enough confidence and I am thinking about opening an etsy shop in the future and help with the cost of my studies. I am also trying to keep track of the new followers, but some don't have links! So if you are following and have a blog, but don't have the link, I would love to visit you back, so please leave a comment with your link.


  1. LOVE your cupcake designs!!! SO COOL!! I am a party lover myself! Feel free to visit my blog and click on "parties" to view some of them. It so fun to find other mommies who have the same passion. Your work is outstanding!! Great job! Visiting from AZ :)

  2. Too cute!! Good for you for getting on Etsy! Your products will sell like hotcakes!! :)

  3. I just posted a link to this on my facebook page... www.facebook.com/thetomkatstudio! You're too "SWEET"!!! :)


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