Thursday, June 24, 2010

Jello Recipe via {JaeBellz}

We are in for a treat, remember the delicious Jello that Joy from JaeBellz displayed in her Baby Shower Dessert Table? Yes, the one that you have been asking for the recipe!!! Well, Joy and her mom were so kind to share the recipe and made a tutorial for us, here is the link... enjoy! Thank you so much for sharing this with us Joy!
I specially love this dessert because you can adapt the colors to match any occasion, just genius!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Sweetly Sweet Customers {Boy Baby Shower via JaeBellz}

I must be on a good luck roll! My friend Joy from JaeBellz sent me this fabulous pics from a Boy Baby Shower she threw for her brother. I am so lucky to get the chance to see my designs on such beautiful parties. Joy used my Boy Baby Shower Collection, I have to say that everything looks fab and you have to go to her blog to see all the details, she even made matching tags for the dessert table sweets.

Thank you so much for the inspiration and the sweet words about my Baby Shower Collection. Joy, you HAVE to share the recipe for those Jello Desserts, very cute and original!

You can find this collection on my Etsy Shop!

Made it to the Scribd Rising List and Amy Atlas!

My blog just got a lot of traffic from the sweet mention in Glorious Treats! So much that my Sweet Berrylicious Scribd Document got into Scribd's Rising List! So happy!
Also Amy Atlas featured Glory's fabulous desert table on her blog! I am so happy for her and also so excited to see one of my designs on Amy's blog!!! I know it doesn't really count as a mention in the blog world :( but I am super excited anyway!!! Those cupcake toppers look so good on Amy's blog... and of course now I am one step closer to being featured on her blog someday, and HWTM and Martha... well let me kep dreaming :)
And stay tuned because I will soon share some cute bag toppers for the Sweet Berrylicious Collection!

Monday, June 7, 2010

Sweet Parties: Sweet Strawberry Party

This was just a wonderful surprise I found in my mail box this morning! Remember the posts I did (and I am still doing) on a strawberry themed party on a budget? Well, take a look at this wonderful party from my blogging friend Glory from Glorious Treats. She did an AMAZING job with this strawberry sweets table inspired by Amy Atlas and Sharnel

Did I mention that the total cost for sweets and favors for a party of 8 was $38.08? And of course to stay on a budget she used my free Sweet Berrylicious Collection for the cupcake toppers! 

 It is such a nice and fuzzy feeling when I see my designs on a beautiful party, thank you so much for the great inspiration Glory!

I love every detail on the table... just amazing!

You can download the latest Sweet Berrylicious file here.

Hop over to Glory's blog for the details! {pics via Glorious Treats}