Sunday, January 17, 2010

New on my Etsy Shop: {Baby Shower Clothes Line Collection}

I just love how this Baby Shower collection looks! It includes a super cute invitation, Sweet Circles, a PillowBox and Baby Shower Games (Word Scramble and a Blank Bingo Card).  Let me tell you, to get a listing ready for Etsy is a lot of work! Between printing, cutting and assembling (the easy part), then taking pics, choosing the best pics, editing, coming up with descriptions, pricing, a baby screaming for mommy's milk (yes my daughter still breastfeeds!), etc... it is overwhelming. But here they are and I hope you like it!

Baby Shower Clothes Line Collection pics!


Did I mention that I designed everything, even the polka dot patterns?
You can find this on my Etsy Shop!

Now I only have to put up the listing for the Damask Baby Shower Collection!


  1. oh my gosh your stuff is too cute! Im going to have to order things from you!

  2. Welcome to my merry band of followers! And you have the CUTEST stuff in your shop. I love this collection, even more perfect since I'm working on a clothesline-themed baby shower post and would love to feature this.

  3. wow, you are so talented! everything looks fabulous!

  4. My husband wanted to have a baby,, but he had an erectil dysfunction problem, so we decided to buy viagra and after that i could be pregnant. All my friend was excited with the new, so they organized an secret baby shower for me. It was wonderful.


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