Thursday, January 7, 2010

New on my Etsy Shop: {Printable 2010 Valentine's Collection}

I am thrilled to announce a Printable Valentine's Collection on my Etsy Shop! Click here to see the collection. This collection was made with lots of detail, I made the pattern, and all illustrations of the collection. The envelope is lined on the inside and the cards and Sweet Circles are two sided! The collection also has editable parts, two small Sweet Circles are editable and the To: and From: part of the mini card.

This collection will surely impress the person who receives it! Here are some pics.

You can also print 3" Sweet Circles and place the photo of your preference to hand with the cards!

The fields highlighted are editable so you can personalize this cards for each recipient!

Use a corner rounder for a cuter look. And look below for the lining of the envelopes!


  1. aww i love that one of the colors you have on there is brown :) very very pretty!

  2. Superb collection and i love these designs. Thanks a lot for sharing this awesome collection.


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