Monday, November 30, 2009

Lorelys Maia's Cupcake Birthday Party!

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Yesterday was Lorelys Maia's birthday and it was a success! It all went so fast, but we had so much fun.  I had previously posted the invitations, cupcake toppers and candy boxes. And here are some pictures of the event, I hope you love it!

From Sweetly Sweet

From Sweetly Sweet
Here are the pics from the birthday!
The candy buffet turned out better than I expected, I absolutely love how it looked!
These cupcake candles were handmade by a local artisan, they looked and smelled like the real thing. I definitely need to learn how to do candles and soaps, that is on my check list now!
Marshmallow Pops, a shortcut by Kim from the Tomkat Studio for Bakerella's Cupcake Pops.
The birthday banner.

Table decorations, the whole room smelled yummy!
Some games for adults and older children, they match the cupcake theme.
And of course, prizes for all the games.
One of the games, toddler race to dad... every toddler won a prize of course!
Can you guess which one is my little toddler?
Cupcake tower and toppers, the cupcakes were delicious!

This is my beautiful baby Lorelys Maia. She is very happy with her new Pinky Dinky Doo doll and enjoying candy from the sweets table.
Happy Birthday my little sweety! That's me and my husband with our little princess.
Lorelys opening some of her presents... she was all ohh, wowww!

Well, everything is over now, looking back I realize there were so many pics I did not take... but it was a really fun party! Enjoy!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Giveaway: DIY Letter for Santa Kit

I am pleased to announce my first giveaway! Five lucky winners will receive a PDF file via e-mail of my wonderfully cute DIY Letter for Santa Kit. This kit matches the DIY Christmas Pop up Cards I posted earlier and is part of the Christmas Collection I am working on... The DIY Letter for Santa Kit  (high resolution PDF file - for personal non commercial use only) includes: an envelope, letter for Santa, envelope seals/Sweet Circles, and four inserts: Gifts I want, Good things I did this year, My drawing and a blank insert to let you imagination run!
I wanted to do something different than the traditional letter to Santa so I created this kit to encourage bonding between parents and child in several ways. First both the parent and the child participate in cutting/assembling the envelope, seals, letter and inserts. You can use the letter to reinforce good manners in your child as he/she has to ask about how is Santa, how is Ms. Claus and the elves and talk a little about himself/herself.  In a separate insert the child has to think about 5 specific good things he/she did this year, the child is encouraged to make a drawing, use the blank insert to stimulate his/her imagination and then ask for gifts in a separate insert. I know you will enjoy it along with your child!


{Here are the details on how you can participate}

Enter up to 4 times by doing the following:

Post about this giveaway on your (1) Blog, (2) Facebook or (3) Tweeter then come back and leave a comment with the link (there are up to 3 entries here). If you are a Follower, you can get an extra entry by leaving a comment and telling me what you like most about the DIY Letter to Santa Kit!

Five winners will be chosen on Saturday, December 5th 10:00 PM (AST). 
Entries received after this time, will not be included in the giveaway.

Sweetly Sweet will use to select the winners. Good luck and thank you for participating!

Thank you my followers!

Today I realized that I have 42 followers!!! I wanted to say thank you for getting interested in what I do and letting me into your lives. I am also celebrating that I have 80 comments! Yey! I absolutely love all the comments and people who decides to follow. So if you are reading this, come on make my day, leave a comment and follow me! It means the world for me. I get very happy each time I get a new comment or a new follower... so thank you for being there with me my Sweetly Sweet followers and commenters!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Gratitude Tree Tags - {I am Thankful For...}

I just stumbled with the Gratitude Tree idea from Show Me Crafts and I just had to share.  It consists on doing a tree out of branches and putting it inside your house, then write what you are grateful for on tags and hang them from the tree. The girls from Show Me Crafts show how to do a cute banner to go with your tree. Cute idea that can become a new family tradition!
I loved the idea so much that I am doing a Gratitude Tree as the Thanksgiving dinner table center piece this year in my home. When we sit down to eat, I will ask each guest to write down what they are thankful for and hang the tags from the tree.  Well, being the crafty person I am, I designed some {I am Thankful For...} tags for the occasion. They have the perfect colors of Autumn and a cute design. And the best part is they are free! So download your high resolution Gratitude Tags PDF file and begin a new family tradition!

Here is the English Version:
I am Thankful for... - Sweet Circles by Sweetly Sweet                                                                                                                                            

And for all my Spanish speaking readers, this one is for you:

Estoy Agradecido Por... - Sweet Circles by Sweetly Sweet                                                                                                                                             

If you use this please share your experience, leave a comment! Enjoy your new family tradition!

Stay tuned for my next project: DIY Printable Santa Letters - {to North Pole}

Friday, November 20, 2009

DIY Christmas Pop-up Cards

Christmas is just around the corner, and here are the cards I made for the occasion. I used a pattern similar to that of the Wedding Cake Pop-up Cards for the pop-up, combined to the circles I used for the Cupcake Birthday Invitations, and I went to Shutterstock and Etsy to find a modern color pattern. The design is three gifts stacked on top of the other with a modern bow on top and lots of cirlces, I designed everything myself in Ai.  This cute card will most definitely be displayed by the lucky receiver.

 This is a little banner-thing I made to practice for when I have my Etsy Shop! What do you think?

This is the card, it measures 8.5 x 5.5 inches.

This is the pop-up part, look very closely and notice that it is lined on the inside with a matching stripes and circles pattern.

I added a paper ribbon to the outside, it closes itself with the included Sweet Circles by Sweetly Sweet, so no need for an envelope.

This is the other side.

And the best part... I will have my first giveaway soon!!! Stay tuned because I will send the PDF file of this cute DIY Christmas Pop-up Cards (Personal use only) to one lucky winner.  But first, I have to do the DIY instructions, which will take me some time, because I want to do a well done tutorial. I will host the giveaway in the following weeks!!!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Sweets Table Candy Boxes

I bought these little take out boxes for the sweets table from a local shop. They have the perfect size for a serving of sweets. Decorated in a very simple way with the Sweet Circles by Sweetly Sweet and a little bow, they look perfect. Sweet Circles by Sweetly Sweet are the trademark words I just came up to describe my circular cutouts. I am looking for a commercial feel... well dreaming a little bit won't hurt anyone!


Cupcake Birthday Banner

I wanted to do a birthday banner to match the cupcake birthday invitations, the treat boxes and cupcake toppers I made before.  So I thought that a cupcake cutout was the way to go! I printed the cupcakes on card-stock and hand cut them. Each cupcake is like 7 inches tall. I think the cupcake banner looks inviting and ready to party and celebrate... what do you think?

Monday, November 9, 2009

Designing the Sweetly Sweet Table - Part One

As I mentioned earlier, I want a sweets table for my little sweetheart's birthday.  I found this two vases on sale at Marshalls today, they were $7 each! I filled them out with some candy to see how they looked, and I am sharing them with you.  I think I will need two more like this and others with different shapes... let's see what I can do before the birthday on November 29. For those of you who have done Candy Buffets before, please give me some advice!

I like how the pink and purple goes togheter here.

I think the candy is too long for this vase, but I wanted to take a picture with some candy on it. I will change the candy for this one. Thanks for the advise!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Wedding Cake Pop Up Card DIY Templates

I have received LOTS of request for a template to do my Wedding Cake Pop Up Card and here it is!!!  This is my first attempt at a template with instructions, so I hope you like it.  It is a PDF of a generic Bride/Groom card, and it has the instructions on how to make the card pop out. I also included the outside of the card and some circles that you can use to embellish the envelope, add a little note to the invitation, use as a cute tag, and so on. If you download it please leave a comment and let me know what you think!
Wedding Card Inside
Wedding Card Outside
Wedding Circles

Well, I need to learn how to do multiple page PDF files from Adobe Illustrator! I will be working on the DIY template for my Cupcake Birthday Invitation and my Treat Box and Cupcake Toppers! They will be available soon at my Etsy Shop (I don't have one yet, but I am in the process!!!).

Note: If you want to put this in your blog, please link to the original post on my blog and not directly to the PDF file. For personal use only. Enjoy!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

I was featured at The TomKat Studio!

This is one of those moments where I go to the middle of the living room and start jumping up and down like crazy!!! Kim, from The TomKat Studio, who has been a great source of inspiration for me, made a mention of my Cupcake Birthday Invitations and my Treat box and Cupcake Toppers on her blog.  View the wonderful post here and while you are there visit her etsy shop, she has the cutest party things. This post has gotten me a lot of new blog friends and sweet comments! Thank you Kim!

This has given me enough confidence and I am thinking about opening an etsy shop in the future and help with the cost of my studies. I am also trying to keep track of the new followers, but some don't have links! So if you are following and have a blog, but don't have the link, I would love to visit you back, so please leave a comment with your link.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Treat Box and Cupcake Toppers

I designed a cute treat box going with the cupcake theme, it is small, measuring 3.5 X 3.5 inches, but looks absolutely cute! It is also easy to do, I am still planning what to do with them at the party, maybe you can give me suggestions!  I also made some cupcake toppers inspired by The TomKat Studio, Kim is the cupcake topper diva!

And talking about Kim, she just left a sweetly sweet comment and told me that she loved the invitations for the birthday party and she is featuring them in her blog!!! I am so excited about this, can't wait to see the invitations featured, I actually went jumping up and down all over my house when I saw the comment... her work has been a great source of inspiration. Thanks Kim.