Saturday, January 30, 2010

Featured again! {Designs So Pretty}

I was featured again, but this time for my blog design! Kristin from Designs So Pretty features fun stylish blog and web designs. Here is what she said about my blog design:

"Everyone knows how much I love a simple design, if you didn't, now you do. :)  This one is simple and pretty!  Love the white space and colors...reminds me of a Candy Shoppe!"

I often get asked who designs my blog, and it kinds of makes me proud because I do it myself! I just have a simple blank template from blogger and add pics and widgets here and there.  Thank you so much for the feature Kristin!

Friday, January 29, 2010

Sweetly Sweet Customers - {Boy Baby Shower}

I am so happy to share the first pics of a customer! Remember that I told you I was going to teach? Well, I was asked to help on doing a flash baby shower for another professor, we only had a couple of days and only 10 minutes to make the whole set up, and it was in a classroom, so that green thing is a chalkboard!!! It is so easy and inexpensive to have an elegant party with printable files... amazing! They used my Baby Shower Collection and here are some pics of the activity... hope you enjoy them!

You can find this Baby Shower Collection in my Etsy Shop!

Friday, January 22, 2010

Alice in Wonderland and Goodbye for Now!

I have two announcements:

First - I am really thinking about doing an Alice in Wonderland Party for Lorelys Maia's 3rd birthday!

Second - Classes are going to start soon, so I will not have a lot of time to update my blog :( I don't know if I told you before, but I am currently writing my thesis and I was recently hired to teach full time at a small college, so between that, my daughter, my husband and house I will have my hands full!

But this is definitely not goodbye! I will keep updating on everything I prepare for Lorelys Maia's birthday and any other interesting things I see, but it will not be on a consistent basis so keep coming occasionally... and make sure to follow my blog to see my new updates in your dashboard... maybe you will find something you love and of course I will read every one of your sweet comments!

Thank you for being the heart of this blog, I am thrilled that my little blog has more than 100 followers... Thank you, thank you and thank you a million times!

But for now I want to share some pics I saw on Google Images from the new Alice in Wonderland movie and some digital changes I did to them... if one of the pics is yours and you want me to remove it or give credit please tell me and I will!

 This is a pic of an invitation I saw someplace on google images (can't remember) and I changed it to create a cute teaser for the Lorelys Maia in Wonderland upcoming Birthday Party. This is a great idea for the actual party invitation.

I love the idea of small tables with different table clothes.

See you later my sweet friends!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

I am almost at 100!!!

I just realized I have 97 followers! Wow... I am always so happy to see a new follower and of course I love all your sweet comments! One of my resolutions for this year 2010 was to reach 100 followers on this sweet little blog... I am so happy all of you found here a home for inspiration. Well, keep them coming...


Sweet Giveaway!

And I have a treat for my sweet followers... Becca, one of my favorite party girls is having a giveaway in her blog Birthday Girl! If you have been to her blog, you must have noticed the amazing inspiration boards she makes. She is offering custom inspiration boards for only $25, you tell her the theme and she does all the hard work of getting together all the ideas for you! And now you will have the chance to win your own custom inspiration board for FREE!

So go to her blog and enter, but have until Saturday, January 30th at Midnight PST!

I am thinking Alice in Wonderland for Lorelys Maia's third birthday (I know it's too early, but what can one do?)... and I found this jewel in her blog! This is an example of what she can do for you:

"Turn your backyard into a wonderland, and host a whimsical tea party for your little girl's birthday. All it takes is some creativity and an overdose of brightly colored, layered and eclectic decorations. Think flowers, paper lanterns, mixed chairs, patterned linens... and perhaps some 'eat me/drink me' labels for the food and a topsy-turvy cake for good measure. Invite the girls to wear their favorite party dress and you can provide silly 'mad hatter' hats for them to decorate, or red rose hair clips (we're painting the roses red...) as favors to take home. For older girls, if you have the space, how about a game of croquet?"

Actual links appear on her blog!: Resources: tablescape and china from country living; heart shaped tea wand beau-coup favors; petit fours by parisian party; garden rose by sandra lane photography; cake by cake passion; invite by sweetwishesstore via etsy; images from a real alice in wonderland party jessica claire photography

Sunday, January 17, 2010

New on my Etsy Shop: {Baby Shower Clothes Line Collection}

I just love how this Baby Shower collection looks! It includes a super cute invitation, Sweet Circles, a PillowBox and Baby Shower Games (Word Scramble and a Blank Bingo Card).  Let me tell you, to get a listing ready for Etsy is a lot of work! Between printing, cutting and assembling (the easy part), then taking pics, choosing the best pics, editing, coming up with descriptions, pricing, a baby screaming for mommy's milk (yes my daughter still breastfeeds!), etc... it is overwhelming. But here they are and I hope you like it!

Baby Shower Clothes Line Collection pics!


Did I mention that I designed everything, even the polka dot patterns?
You can find this on my Etsy Shop!

Now I only have to put up the listing for the Damask Baby Shower Collection!

New on my Etsy Shop: {Printable Valentine's Party Collection}

I am so glad that I finally got this listings up on my Etsy Shop! I am in love with this Valentine's Collection, it includes two invitation designs, Sweet Circles, a cute pillowbox and editable tags! No more writing the Candy Buffet labels or place cards by hand! Did I mention that I made all the clipart for the designs?

Here are the pics of the collection!

You can find this collection on my Etsy Shop!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Optimizing Pictures for Web

This post is not party related... Well, I was wondering why my images didn't look so good on the web as they looked on my camera and why they took so much space if I compressed them a lot! I specially noticed this when I looked at other pics on Etsy that were stunning! Well I was saving them in the wrong format! Maybe all of you already knew and I am the last person on the web to know, but when you save pics for the web, the format will depend on the picture itself.

JPEG - best for pictures!
GIF - best for clipart!
PNG - when you have lots of colors but want transparency!

The picture above was saved in JPEG and only takes 15 seconds to download at 28.8 Kbps, compared to 55 sec in GIF and 48 sec in PNG. Also the JPEG in this case is a lot better quality, stunning in fact! You can click to see a larger version. I am so happy I found this and my pics will be a lot better on the web from now on. No more grainy pics for me!

What simple thing have you discovered lately that you want to share?

Friday, January 8, 2010

Featured Again! {Birthday Girl}

I am doing those leaps of joy again! One of my favorite party girls Becca from Birthday Girl just featured Lorelys Maia's Cupcake Birthday Party!!!  Please take a moment to go to her wonderful blog and leave a comment on my feature ;) If you are not her follower yet, please become one, her blog is full of yummy inspiration and you will find yourself going back often!

Becca said that she was saving this birthday party as a fun start to the new year. Awww, thank you for the sweet words! She also said something that I haven't said yet on my blog and it is that Lorelys was a miracle baby because the doctors said I was infertile... but God had other plans for me and now I have this toddler running around my house!!! Thank you Birthday Girl!

Now I can grab her button... and put it on my side bar... keep them coming!

The goods for this party are available at my Etsy Shop!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

New on my Etsy Shop: {Printable 2010 Valentine's Collection}

I am thrilled to announce a Printable Valentine's Collection on my Etsy Shop! Click here to see the collection. This collection was made with lots of detail, I made the pattern, and all illustrations of the collection. The envelope is lined on the inside and the cards and Sweet Circles are two sided! The collection also has editable parts, two small Sweet Circles are editable and the To: and From: part of the mini card.

This collection will surely impress the person who receives it! Here are some pics.

You can also print 3" Sweet Circles and place the photo of your preference to hand with the cards!

The fields highlighted are editable so you can personalize this cards for each recipient!

Use a corner rounder for a cuter look. And look below for the lining of the envelopes!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

New on my Etsy Shop: {Pop-up Cupcake Invitation Assembly Instructions}

At last, I got the instructions for the assembly of my Pop-up Cupcake Invitations ready on my Etsy shop! I finally got the pics I wanted, and had some non crafty friends try them to make sure everyone will be able to follow them. These invitations are easy to do, a little bit time consuming, but the results are spectacular!

This invitations got a lot of attention when they got featured at The Tomkat Studio, a great blog about all things party. Thank you all for being patient and waiting for this file, I made it carefully with lots of love. I will keep adding my collections on Etsy this week, God willing!


You can find this PDF file on my Etsy shop here!