Friday, January 8, 2010

Featured Again! {Birthday Girl}

I am doing those leaps of joy again! One of my favorite party girls Becca from Birthday Girl just featured Lorelys Maia's Cupcake Birthday Party!!!  Please take a moment to go to her wonderful blog and leave a comment on my feature ;) If you are not her follower yet, please become one, her blog is full of yummy inspiration and you will find yourself going back often!

Becca said that she was saving this birthday party as a fun start to the new year. Awww, thank you for the sweet words! She also said something that I haven't said yet on my blog and it is that Lorelys was a miracle baby because the doctors said I was infertile... but God had other plans for me and now I have this toddler running around my house!!! Thank you Birthday Girl!

Now I can grab her button... and put it on my side bar... keep them coming!

The goods for this party are available at my Etsy Shop!


  1. CONGRATS girl!!! You deserve it :) I had no idea that you have a miracle girl as well! How strange....I was told the same from my doctors. In fact, we did IVF twice before we were able to deliver our 1st girl. Our second one was a big surprise...ha! They are a handfull, but so fun too!

  2. Fabulous blog and congratulations! It looks like your accolade is well deserved. I just went to your Etsy shop. Do you sell or design any cool nametags? I need to find something for a party I'm planning for my Dad. I thought about dogtags but they would be way too hard to read. Let me know! Thank you!

  3. Well deserved! You have beautiful talent! I love the Birthday Girl blog too. <3


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