Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year!!!

I want to wish you all a Happy New Year and that the 2010 brings you love, joy, laughter, happiness and everything that you want! I wanted to post my resolutions for the next year and so on, but there is a lot of things going on around my house, so I'm busy! Here are the pics my husband and I took from my little daughter on Christmas... love you all and thanks for reading! I'm sure Boricuas will love the pic of her with the pava (last pic)!

 Note: I said that I was going to get everything on Etsy before the year ended, but I haven't taken the pics for the listings yet... but I'm closer and someday next week I will do it, God willing of course! Christmas is a hard time to get anything done!

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Sneak Peek: Damask and Pink Baby Shower

Here is a sneak peak of a baby shower I am working on. My friend asked me to create an invitation to match the nursery room for her little baby girl. The crib set is stunning, very stylish and girly! I will be working on more cute stuff for this collection.

She wanted the invitation to match her nursing room motive and gave me this pic. I don't know from where this pic is, if you know please let me know to give the proper credit!

I am planning on launching my Clothes Line Baby Shower and Cupcake Birthday collections on Etsy before the year ends... I hope I can make it!

What do you think of this new design?

Monday, December 28, 2009

Featured again! {One Pretty Thing}

My DIY Gift tags to match your wrapping paper tutorial was featured in One Pretty Thing!  I was so excited when I received Rachel's e-mail telling me of the feature in her Daily DIY. One Pretty Thing is a blog that features DIY projects from all over the internet. The DIY projects can be from things for kids to the most advanced crafts. Rachel does a pretty good job of updating her blog on a daily basis... so if you feel like doing something crafty today, visit her blog and thank me later :)

Thank you Rachel for the feature, I am honored!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

DIY - Gift Tags to Match Your Gift Wrapping Paper

This is a cool DIY project that you can easily do at home. There are probably a hundred tutorials on how to do this all over the internet, but I wanted to give all of you a Christmas present so here it goes. This is a tutorial on how to make cute little gift tags that perfectly match your wrapping paper. They are little 2.5" square tags. The pics were shot at night so they are not perfect and a little bit off color :), but the tutorial is nice anyway!

Step 1:

Find some gift wrapping paper or use a recyclable option like magazine paper, newspaper, etc. This would look very nice in old magazine paper! And get a piece of cardstock, I used heavy printer paper.
Step 2:

Glue the gift wrap to the cardstock, use a soft cloth to rub the paper as you glue it down so that you don't get any air bubbles.
Step 3:

Cut a 2.5 X 5.0" rectangle using a trimmer.
Step 4:

Score in the exact middle with a folding tool, I used the drop-down arm of the rotary trimmer because it provides a straightedge guide for scoring. This simple step will make your tags look professional.
Step 5:

Pass the folding tool along the fold to flatten. This is another little step that makes your folds look very nice. I am using one hand while holding the camera with the other hand, so that's why the pic looks funny!
Step 6:

Use a corner rounder to round off corners and you are done!

Now you should have something like this:

If you use your punches you can get embellishments or use those as tags by themselves.

I hope you liked my tutorial... if you found this interesting or useful please leave a comment and tell me about it.

Merry Christmas!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Boy Baby Shower - Bingo Game

I am listening to my sweet followers and made a blank Bingo card for the Baby Clothes Line Baby Shower Collection! Thanks Krafty Joy for the suggestion! I am designing all the games so that they won't consume a lot of ink from the printer. The BINGO game is so much fun and easy to play. Well, here it is...

What other fun and easy games do you play at Baby Showers?

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Boy Baby Shower - Cupcake Toppers and Word Scramble Game

Here is a simulated preview of the cupcake toppers and the word scramble game to match the Boy's Clothes Line Baby Shower Invitation. The cupcake toppers can be cut by hand or using a 2" circle or 2" scallop punch, the simulated preview is for a scalloped shape. They will also be available to match the girls invitation and they will both be available in Spanish on my Etsy Shop soon!  I am also working on the cupcake birthday collection... it is a lot of work and so little time!

Here is the simulated preview of the cupcake toppers.

And the Baby Word Scramble game (shown for girl), I selected this game because it is easy and is a lot of fun!

More previews coming up, I am working hard to have the whole collection soon on my Etsy Shop... I need to do both Baby Shower Collections and the Cupcake Birthday Collection!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Girl's Clothes Line Baby Shower Invitation

I just finished the girl's version of the Clothes Line Baby Shower invitation and I just had to share with all of you! (See the boy's version here.) This invitation has two beautiful shades of pink and chocolate. Here is a preview of the invitation, I love the scalloped socks and the cute dress!

I am working on a new size for the invitations, 6X7.5 in, this is the size of the photo greeting cards that some photo labs offers (Costco has them at $14.50 for 50 cards with envelopes) for reasonable prizes. Photo lab printing is a good alternative for color heavy projects like this one, and the quality is excellent.  I am not sure what to include in the collection for this invitations... I am doing Sweet Circles by Sweetly Sweet and a pillow box, what else do you think I should design: mini boxes, signs, thank you notes, games? Any advice from my sweetly sweet loyal readers?

Monday, December 14, 2009

Boy's Clothes Line Baby Shower Invitation

I was contacted by a local mom to work on a baby shower invitation for a baby boy. The mom wanted a simple 5X7 invitation with a clothes line in blue and chocolate. I designed all the elements of the invitation in Adobe Illustrator, it was a lot of hard work, but I love the results! The gift in the invitation may look familiar... I used the same bow design as in my Christmas Collection and DIY Letter to Santa Kit. I also designed the polka dot pattern in the bib, you will see a similar pattern in another custom work I am working on.

I love how this invitation turned out and I am currently working the girl's version, with a cute dress and scalloped socks in pink and brown, and also on Sweet Circles! Both invitations will soon be available at my Etsy Shop!

Now tell me, do you think this invitation is sweetly sweet?

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Featured again! {Hoity Toity Baby}

My Christmas Collection and Letter to Santa Kit was featured on Hoity Toity Baby!!! Well I am doing those leaps of joy again! I felt the same thing when I was featured at The TomKat Studios. Nicole from Hoity Toity Baby said some lovely words about my work and I was selected to be part of her HTB SPOTLIGHT Great Holiday Shopping! I am right below The Pink Orange, which makes fab custom stationary, I have to say that I am VERY happy right now! View the featured post here and while you are there make sure to visit her shop. Nicole from Hoity Toity Baby creates sweet, chic and comfortable clothing and accessories for the little ones. The party dresses for girls and the onesies for boys are beautifully handcrafted, go to her shop and thank me later ;)

 Thank you for the feature Nicole!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

First two sales on my Etsy Shop!

I am so thrilled to announce that I got the first two sales on my Etsy Shop! I am so glad that someone liked my printables and decided to buy them! I have the Christmas Collection with EDITABLE tags and the Letter to Santa Kit available on my store! I am working on getting my Cupcake Birthday Collection ready!

This is a pic of what you can do with the Letter to Santa Kit!

You can visit my Etsy Shop HERE!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Etsy Shop Open - Sweetly Sweet

I am thrilled to announce my Etsy Shop!!! I am so happy, but let me tell you it is a lot of hard work to think about the description of the listings, to make sure the pics are perfect, and to protect the PDF files!

Well I only have one item listed... I will list more later, but I have to clean my house now! I am introducing the EDITABLE Printable Christmas Collection! This collection includes a beautiful DIY PillowBox, editable gift tags, and Sweet Circles. I hope you enjoy them!

The Editable Tags include {To: From:} tags and blank tags for multiple purposes.
Beautiful pillowboxes you can print from home!

I still have lots of things to do,  put a button of the shop on my blog, get the Etsy widget for blogger, finish the tutorials for the invitations and cards, get more listing up... well wish me luck on my new endeavor.  Please visit my Etsy Shop and tell me what you think!

Giveaway Winners: DIY Letter to Santa Kit

I am pleased to announce the winners of my first giveaway!!! I used the popular service to select the five lucky winners and they are:

Comment #6: Couture Parties said... such a fun thing to do with the kiddies :)
Comment #9: Sharnel said... I love your DYI Santa letter design. Very cute. We would love to win!!
Comment #10: PBLpartygirl said... Wow, I've posted your DIY giveaway at I love how you creat a healthy way for families to connect during the holidays with these festive Santa Kit. Creating time for one-on-one with a child is the joy of parenthood, great idea! 
Comment #4: Krafty Joy said... this is so cute!!! i love your sweet circles...they totally compliment the cards. What a great idea for bonding with kids!!! this will make my son actually think of what good things he did!!!
Comment #3: Mommy said...  How awesome! I love this idea! Thanks for the giveaway :)
Congrats to all the lucky winners, please contact me to claim your prize! You will have a real treasure from your kids to enjoy year after year!

Monday, November 30, 2009

Lorelys Maia's Cupcake Birthday Party!

*** Go to my Facebook Fan Page Photo Album to see more pics ***

Yesterday was Lorelys Maia's birthday and it was a success! It all went so fast, but we had so much fun.  I had previously posted the invitations, cupcake toppers and candy boxes. And here are some pictures of the event, I hope you love it!

From Sweetly Sweet

From Sweetly Sweet
Here are the pics from the birthday!
The candy buffet turned out better than I expected, I absolutely love how it looked!
These cupcake candles were handmade by a local artisan, they looked and smelled like the real thing. I definitely need to learn how to do candles and soaps, that is on my check list now!
Marshmallow Pops, a shortcut by Kim from the Tomkat Studio for Bakerella's Cupcake Pops.
The birthday banner.

Table decorations, the whole room smelled yummy!
Some games for adults and older children, they match the cupcake theme.
And of course, prizes for all the games.
One of the games, toddler race to dad... every toddler won a prize of course!
Can you guess which one is my little toddler?
Cupcake tower and toppers, the cupcakes were delicious!

This is my beautiful baby Lorelys Maia. She is very happy with her new Pinky Dinky Doo doll and enjoying candy from the sweets table.
Happy Birthday my little sweety! That's me and my husband with our little princess.
Lorelys opening some of her presents... she was all ohh, wowww!

Well, everything is over now, looking back I realize there were so many pics I did not take... but it was a really fun party! Enjoy!