Monday, June 7, 2010

Sweet Parties: Sweet Strawberry Party

This was just a wonderful surprise I found in my mail box this morning! Remember the posts I did (and I am still doing) on a strawberry themed party on a budget? Well, take a look at this wonderful party from my blogging friend Glory from Glorious Treats. She did an AMAZING job with this strawberry sweets table inspired by Amy Atlas and Sharnel

Did I mention that the total cost for sweets and favors for a party of 8 was $38.08? And of course to stay on a budget she used my free Sweet Berrylicious Collection for the cupcake toppers! 

 It is such a nice and fuzzy feeling when I see my designs on a beautiful party, thank you so much for the great inspiration Glory!

I love every detail on the table... just amazing!

You can download the latest Sweet Berrylicious file here.

Hop over to Glory's blog for the details! {pics via Glorious Treats}


  1. Gorgeous! Found you through Sharnel. I have downloaded the party box and cupcake circles but can't seem to get the envelope or tags etc. Are you still working on those or am I doing something wrong? Love your work ☺

  2. The latest file has: Party Box, Sweet Circles, Thank you circles/tags, multi-use card, envelope, envelope seals and envelope liner. It is 7 pages and you can find it here:

  3. Saw the post through glorious treats the other day and thought your printables looked awesome! Great party she had as well!


  4. Got the full 7 pages now - thanks so much !

  5. so you have any idea wher she got the milk bottles from? tnx:)

  6. so you have any idea wher she got the milk bottles from? tnx:)
    sorry...i don't know how i appeared as linda up there...

  7. Nope, but you can go ahead and ask Glory on her blog!


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