Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Stickers for books and notebooks!

Thanks for peeking in on my blog! I have been working very hard to finish my studies and my blog is on "vacation", but I wanted to share some stuff I am doing for Lorelys which is going to school on August. I made an illustration of a little girl with butterflies on a sunny day to make a pencil pouch for her and I just designed some cute matching stickers for her books and notebooks.  They say: "This belongs to:" and one of them has the logo of the school she is attending to, I love how these turned out!

I also wanted to consult with all of you wonderful girls because I am having trouble on transferring the image to a canvas fabric to make the pouch, so if you have any advice please comment to let me know!  I think the image is just too big (8 X 9 in). I want to make this style of pencil pouch that I found from Kukubee on Etsy:
I just fell in love with these little pouches and wanted to make one for my little one with her name. So if you have any advice or ideas, please let me know.

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  1. They are adorable!
    Was a great surprise to see a blog post!



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