Saturday, November 13, 2010

More Alice in Wonderland Goodies: Mini Menus

I just created some menus for a local event, and had the idea of creating this mini menus for the kids table. They look so little and cute! Enjoy and keep those comments coming in... I want to know if you are still out there!

 And pics of the little cutie on top of the cutie mini paper cupcake stand...
Again, please excuse the pics, but my poor camera is dying!

Don't forget to keep sharing the Mini Cupcake Stands post on Facebook, when the post gets 15 shares, I will share a free tutorial on how to make this little cuties. They are very sturdy and easier to make than you think... I am a scientist so I experimented and developed a method to do it! Yeah, so weird, but that's how I am!


  1. I think that these will look amazing at my daughter's birthday party!

    Many thanks for the ideas. Very helpful post!


  2. I like this inventions very much. How you are doing this? Great job. Thanks for sharing.

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