Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Lorelys Maia's Alice in Wonderland Birthday

We had such a blast on my daughter's third birthday. I did a Tea Party theme inspired on Alice in Wonderland. I designed all the paper goodies and here is my second attempt to make a sweets table... I learned a copule of things on the way and want to share them with you on another post... but first see the pics and bring on those comments!
The chocolate goodies above were done by Edu, a local artisan, they are actually typical Puertorrican candies like guava, cocconut and "polvorones" covered in chocolate... something you can only find in Puerto Rico! Visit Edu here!
We covered the cupcakes with tulle because living in a tropical island, mosquitoes are an everyday issue... but I ended up loving the way they look.

I hope you enjoyed the pics and stay tuned because I am working on the tutorial for the cupcake stands! I was so happy to have such a great response in Facebook for those...Thank you!


  1. VERY pretty! So dainty! Love the incorporation of tulle in your pieces! And the cupcake stands (the paper ones) are sooooo darn cute! Great job!

  2. Aww~ already 3? Time really does fly! Good idea to cover the cupcakes in tulle! Such a sweet party<3

  3. PLEASE post this collection in your shop!! my daughters alice party is in 2 weeks and i Love all the printables you made.

  4. Altaira: I will post it tomorrow! Thanks!!!

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