Saturday, August 14, 2010

Sweet Berrylicious {Free Party!} Part 4

Just as promised! Here is another party printable from my Sweet Berrylicious Collection! And today's file is.... SWEETS LABELS!!! I was receiving e-mails form moms that were going to use the Collection for their parties and asking when I was going to post more things... so here it is! They can be used as place cards, gift tags, jar labels, buffet labels, little flags, etc. Your imagination is the limit! You can download the file here: Sweet Berrylicious File. If you are new to my blog, you can also download the collection on the button on the right, the one that has the pretty treat box. I also made some pretty cool Editable Labels (soon to be on my Etsy Shop!)

Thank you for your support during my blog vacations... you are the best!

And here is a sneak peek of the next printable file...can you guess what it is?
Have fun and keep those comments and party pics coming! The UPDATED version includes a pinwheel... Enjoy! Oh, and share this with your facebook friends, I want to retake my business soon, so please be a friend and suggest others my fan page, THANKS!


  1. Maybe pinwheels for the next one??? Looks great! Just a quick question, on the editable labels I downloaded I am not getting the font that it is in your example?? I got it ok on the invitations. Not sure why it would show on invitations but not for the labels? The font I have looks more like Calibiri or Arial or something similar - nowhere near as pretty! Thanks, Julie

  2. Supajulo: Do you have the latest Adobe Reader? I just downloaded the file and it's working fine, I embedded the font with the file, so you don't need the font in your computer to be able to use it! Don't know why it worked on the invitations but not on the labels!

    Anyone with the same problem or anyone who got it to work fine?

  3. Printables are my newest fave, for party decor! These are super adorable!! Great for my daughters birthday next month. Thanks so much!

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  5. i'm having the same problem as supajulo with the font on the editable labels. the cute front from the invitations isn't showing up, it's some basic (boring) font instead.

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  7. Thank you so much. I had everything ordered from our local dollar store for decorations and they didnt come in on time...This is going to make her party so special!! She is going to love it all


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