Thursday, September 12, 2013

Halloween Flat Bags

Can you believe we are approaching Halloween? And for the occasion, these Printable Halloween Flat bags just arrived to the shop. They are perfect for packing small candy at class and for a Halloween Party of course! You can edit (click and write) on them, and come up with original Halloween messages.  I am wondering how these would come out if printed in Vellum Paper.

Can you come up with a creepy message for this bags?

Friday, December 3, 2010

Mini Paper Cupcake Stands Free File

Here it is!!! The cupcake stands file! I know you will enjoy doing this little craft for your celebration! Enjoy!

Download the file here.  Click here to see the tutorial on how to make the cupcake stands.

Need this cupcake stand in other colors? Send me an e-mail, I will be placing a listing for this soon in my shop!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Sweetly Sweet Customers {Cupcake Birthday by Brigitte}

I love to see my printables in action, so I was delighted when I received this pics form my sweet customer Brigitte. It was her adoable daughter's first birthday party... And the theme was... cupcakes of course!

Look at the adorable big cupcake cake and the matching little smash cupcake.
The dessert table... fabulous!
And the party at the garden... a magical first birthday!
 Thank you so much for sharing your pics Brigitte and Happy Birthday to your little one!

Friday, November 26, 2010

Mini Cupcake Stand Tutorial!

Here is what you have been waiting for! Thank you so much for the response in Facebook! I made the tutorial using patterns from the Sweet Berrylicious Collection, thank you to one of my biggest fans Michelle for suggesting it!

I am so in love with this little cuties. The method of doing this little cupcake stands was developed by me, I haven't seen this tutorial on the web... and I have researched a lot! I am a scientist, so I actually used the scientific method (yeah how dorky is that!) to achieve less cutting and more sturdiness. You can place this tutorial on your blog, but please link back to here and give the proper credits. If you use this method to do your own Mini Cupcake Stands, please also give the proper credit and link back... thank you so much! If you don't want to do this by your own, you can buy beautiful pre-made white mini cupcake stands from Hello Hanna. But enough of the fine print, here is the tutorial:

1. Print on bright white heavy paper.
 2. Cut a rectangle around the base of the stand using a rotary cutter.
3. Use a scoring tool to score along the white lines.
 4. Fold the base in a zig-zag way, like you were folding a fan.
 5. Form the shape of the base with the pattern on the outside. Make sure they align.
 6. Start gluing sides one by one, satrting with the second fold. (Leave the two outer parts for the end.) Make sure to put glue all the way to the edges and that all the parts are aligned.
 7. Cut the top part while you let the glue dry. Carefully cut away the white semi ovals of the base.
 8. Place a heavy glue on the edges on top of the base. Place the top part on a flat surface upside down. Glue the base to the top align the legs of the base with the petals.
 9. Now you have sturdy, neat and cute mini cupcake stands to match your Sweet Berrylicious Party!

Want the Free PDF file to make one of these beautiful cuties??? Stay tuned because I will post it soon! I will also post the Pinwheels to match this collection (I actually had forgotten about them!).
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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Lorelys Maia's Alice in Wonderland Birthday

We had such a blast on my daughter's third birthday. I did a Tea Party theme inspired on Alice in Wonderland. I designed all the paper goodies and here is my second attempt to make a sweets table... I learned a copule of things on the way and want to share them with you on another post... but first see the pics and bring on those comments!
The chocolate goodies above were done by Edu, a local artisan, they are actually typical Puertorrican candies like guava, cocconut and "polvorones" covered in chocolate... something you can only find in Puerto Rico! Visit Edu here!
We covered the cupcakes with tulle because living in a tropical island, mosquitoes are an everyday issue... but I ended up loving the way they look.

I hope you enjoyed the pics and stay tuned because I am working on the tutorial for the cupcake stands! I was so happy to have such a great response in Facebook for those...Thank you!

Saturday, November 13, 2010

More Alice in Wonderland Goodies: Mini Menus

I just created some menus for a local event, and had the idea of creating this mini menus for the kids table. They look so little and cute! Enjoy and keep those comments coming in... I want to know if you are still out there!

 And pics of the little cutie on top of the cutie mini paper cupcake stand...
Again, please excuse the pics, but my poor camera is dying!

Don't forget to keep sharing the Mini Cupcake Stands post on Facebook, when the post gets 15 shares, I will share a free tutorial on how to make this little cuties. They are very sturdy and easier to make than you think... I am a scientist so I experimented and developed a method to do it! Yeah, so weird, but that's how I am!

Friday, November 12, 2010

Mini Paper Cupcake Stands!

I had started to see this cupcake stands popping up all over the internet, even with tutorials in you tube for how to do them. So I definitely wanted to design some of my own, specially after seeing the ones from Hello Hannah at Amy Atlas! Cuteness in a cupcake stand...

With the birthday of my daughter coming soon, I decided to design my own to match the birthday theme of course, Alice in Wonderland! And here is how they turned out!

You will have to excuse the photography, but the sensor in my camera has a crack... yeah so sad! That's the best I could do! I need a new camera!

Do you want a tutorial on this cute cupcake stands? Yes? Well, If I get at least 15 Facebook shares on this post, I will do a tutorial... so start sharing with the handy little button in the upper right of this post. Comment here if you shared this on Facebook or just to say a nice thing. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!